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news Discover over 35 New-to-Region Solutions

Here is a preview of some of their products and solutions.

Audioconferencing Solution

Stylish Audioconferencing Solution That Blends with the Furniture

Arthur Holm will showcase DynamicX2, an audioconferencing solution that comes with speakers and connectors. It can be hidden inside the furniture, blending seamlessly with the interior design. The size ranges from 15″ to 22″ and it can be customized with single or double retractable microphones, speakers, voting systems, USB, different connectors and camera. The black-edged glass can be turned into a multi-touch screen.
Audicom MEA's iRoom iBezel

Full and Convenient Control of AV Systems in the Office

Audicom MEA's iRoom iBezel and iTop products can be used as an extension to any control and automation solution. Using it in tandem with the new iRoom IO83 eight-port high voltage relay card gives installers the power of automation control. Lower the screen, turn on the projector and amplifier, turn off the lights, and start your presentation or movie all with one simple button press.
IHSE's Draco ultra DisplayPort

Extender that Transmits Computer Signals Up to 10km

IHSE's Draco ultra DisplayPort is the first 4K DisplayPort KVM extender with a 60Hz refresh rate in full color depth. This new generation of digital KVM signal extension uses the innovative Lightweight Image (LICI) codec, a revolutionary coding technology that ensures brilliant image quality at the highest video resolutions. Transfer of fully digital video is supported in 4K resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz and full 24 bit, 4:4:4.
UV950A camera

Full HD Camera with Wide-view Angle and Multiple Video Interfaces

Minrray Industry's UV950A camera promises a superior performance. Its salient features include advanced ISP processing algorithms that achieve vivid images with a strong sense of depth, high resolution, and fantastic color rendering. It supports H.264/H.264+ encoding which makes motion video fluent and clear even when streaming under less-than-ideal bandwidth conditions.
Shenzhen Magnimage's LED-580F

Versatile Video Processor for Multiple Purposes

Shenzhen Magnimage's LED-580F is a high-performance video processor that supports 4Kx2K input. It can realize pixel to pixel and zoom scaling display with simplified operating. It supports preview, hot backup, multi-machine cascade, customized output resolution, SDI output, Dual link DVI output, DP output, fade, seamless switch and schedule function. The applications of this solution are many, from stage shows to press conferences, surveillance purpose to stadium events.
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