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The Annenberg Space for Photography and Skylight Studios is dedicated to the exhibition of both digital and print photography. The flow in the 10,000-square foot Space for Photography is reminiscent of film winding through a camera, and leads into the digital gallery in the center. Across the courtyard from the Space is Skylight Studios, which not only features the works of nonconventional artists but also provides an enhanced lecture environment and experiences through an AV system with concert-quality audio and 4K video broadcast capabilities.

To allow visitors to see more of their exhibitions and experience the curated artworks on a personal level, Los Angeles's Annenberg Space for Photography and Skylight Studios have installed 46-inch to 75-inch flat panel displays at key destinations. An interactive annex also features 50" touch displays, offering research data about the featured artist or subject matter.

Space and Studios were also upgraded with Extron XTP Systems® high-performance AV signal switching and distribution solutions.

Extron Electronics

Remote power is delivered from the switcher to the receivers over the same cable, eliminating the need for local power supplies. Additionally, Extron FOX II Series fiber optic extenders support the Space's new 4K video theater and enable communication between the Space and the Studios.

Such a comprehensive setup helps ensure that artists' works are always seen in the best light. It is an exemplary example of how technology can blend well with design to create a sublime customer experience.

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