InfoComm MEA | First-Time Exhibitors Set to Lend Muscle

news Preview of The First-Time Exhibitors Set to Lend Muscle to InfoComm Middle East & Africa 2017

Here is a preview of some of their products and solutions.

Asukanet's SKA3D

A Spellbinding and Immersive Visual Experience

Bound to thrill audiences, Asukanet's SKA3D can project stunning and actual videos and objects in mid-air. Use a magnifying glass and see them in greater detail. Moreover, this technology does not use the focus technique, thus allowing you to move the images back and forth when displaying them.
Epson's EB-L25000U

The Market's Brightest 3LCD Laser Projector

Epson's EB-L25000U offers vivid colours and excellent contrast, even in well-lit environments. It boasts Epson's 4K Enhancement technology, which shifts pixels 0.5mm diagonally to double resolution. It also has a wide range of 4K-capable lens options, resulting in crisp, high-definition images even when projecting at a distance.
Mu Solvers' flagship LUCID

The Audio Solution for Large Listening Coverage

Mu Solvers' flagship LUCID speakers are able to enhance speech intelligibility by minimizing reflected sound and maximizing direct sound to all listeners. Everywhere in the listening area, the same high-quality sound can be reproduced for a consistent performance them.
Qbic Technology's room booking system

Reimagine Office Layouts with this Nifty Room Booking System

With Qbic Technology's room booking system, office managers can now design and utilize their office spaces in new and creative ways. For one, acoustic meeting pods can now be set up anywhere across the office floor. Assembling, using and managing the system is a cinch.
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