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Here is a preview of some of their products and solutions.

Advantech DS-980

Create Flexible Video Wall Configurations Easily

Advantech has announced its new video wall signage solution DS-980, which streams up to six displays. The solution delivers exceptional content up to 4096x2160 4K resolution. With web access, IMM content management and WISE-PaaS/RMM device management software, the DS-980 simplifies multi-display signage deployment and management.
asukanet SKA3D

A Spellbinding and Immersive Visual Experience

Bound to thrill audiences, Asukanet's SKA3D can project stunning and actual videos and objects in mid-air. Use a magnifying glass and see them in greater detail. Moreover, this technology does not use the focus technique, thus allowing you to move the images back and forth when displaying them.
Qbic Technology

RFID-enabled Digital Signage for an Enhanced In-store Experience

Qbic Technology's digital signage solutions are a boon for the manpower-reliant retail industry. Customers can now simply place products on the reader and experience immersive product details, promotion and branding information on a nearby display.
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